What is the NinjaZone?

The NinjaZone is an all new discipline inspired from Obstacle Course Training, Gymnastics, Street Dance and Martial Arts.


Obstacle courses

for Strength & Agility

Ninja Training

(Ninja style flips, rolls, kicks, vaults) Just like what you would see on a video game or in the movies!

Gymnastics Tumbling

for Total Body Coordination


For success in school, sport, and life, a child that learns to channel thier impulse and energy towards a focused goal will succeed in all endeavors.

Beyond skill our curriculum teaches:



Being part of a group

Impulse control



Monthly Tuition

Tuition is due at the time of enrollment and on the 25th of every month thereafter in order to hold your spot in the class.

Class Time


45 Minute Class $65/month
60 Minute Class $70/month
Open Workouts $10/visit


We have no registration fees! Multi-student discounts available.
Located at
5711 SW 21st Street, Topeka, KS 66604

Enroll in our monthly auto-pay and receive $10 off per student per month!